Globus Technical Equipment Ltd.

Is a privately-owned company supplying high quality testing and measurement systems imported from leading manufacturers around the world.

Globus has been in the business for over 70 year, (3 generations) and is the leading company in Israel in the field of marketing and service for quality control and for a variety of quality control processes.

Globus is managed by Mr. Eran Yeruham and Mr. Assaf Yeruham.

Globus also engages in software development and automation processes related to quality assurance processes.

The software is called Easy CMM, and it is a communication interface for connecting CMMs of the world’s leading brands with major metrology software packages.

Easy CMM gives you the freedom to choose and the flexibility to decide your preferred measurement software and to connect it to your preferred coordinate measuring machine.

The Company’s main areas of activity:
* Support of precision measuring instruments, for all mechanical, electron and
optical possibilities.
* Material testing equipment.
* Computerized measuring machines.
* Testing equipment for metal, plastic, rubber and textiles.
* Laser marking and marking equipment.
* Precise equipment for machining and mould manufacturing.
* Customized software development according to customer requirements for control
and automation processes.

The company operates a marketing development and technical support system for the range of products it provides

Globus gives services like:
* Installation and training at customers’ facilities.
* Maintenance of the equipment after the guarantee period.
* Error mapping and periodic machine calibration according to ISO standards.
* Support services, by phone, by email, by remote controlling.
* Retrofit Services – Globus gives full solution for retrofitters.

You can find our distributers in the contact us page.

Globus Technical Equipment Ltd.
serves all leading manufacturers in Israel in various fields, mainly:
* The aircraft and space industries.
* The electronics industry.
* R & D institutions.
* The medical industry.
* The plastics and rubber industries.
* Blade manufacturers.
* Cutting tool industries.
* Medical device manufacturers.
* Sub-contractor workshops.

Globus’s quality management system complies with ISO 9001 quality standards.

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